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The History of Sporting Events in America

For many years, sports have been an enormous part of the American culture. In 1845, Alexander Cartwright invented the modern baseball field. In 1892, the first formal rules of basketball were revised. In 1853, the cricket bat was developed and in 1879, American football was born. These few examples are enough proof that sports have and will always be a huge part of the history of the United States of America.

These sports grew from tiny games that children would play by the roadside to the multi-billion dollar enterprises we all know and love. The professional versions of these games draw in a multitude of spectators to the stadiums or bars where they can watch, cheer and chant slogans with their friends as they support one team or the other. Let us look at the history of sports in America.

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Basketball was invented in 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts. A Canadian physical education instructor by the name Dr. James Naismith saw it as a less injury prone sport in comparison to soccer. Back then, the game consisted of two fruit baskets and a soccer-style ball. The instructor divided his class of 18 into groups of nine and told them that the objective of the game was to throw the ball into the baskets which were nailed to the lower part of the gym's balcony. Every time a student succeeded in getting the ball into the basket, the game would be stopped as the janitor retrieved the ball using a ladder. A short while later, the bottom parts of the baskets were removed allowing the ball to fall to the ground after every successive score. The very first public game was played in the same town on March 11, 1892.

The YMCA played a huge role in spreading the game. For instance, in 1893, Mel Rideout arranged the first European match which was played in Paris. Bob Gailey took it to China while Duncan Patton took it to India. Ishikawa Genzabaro took it to Japan while C.Hareek took it to Persia during the First World War; the American Expeditionary Force took basketball with it everywhere it went. Six teams played in the first professional league, which was formed in 1898. The first championships were the Trendon Nationals. In 1922, The New York Renaissance was founded. It was the first all African-American basketball team.

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As earlier mentioned, the history of baseball can be traced a far back as the mid-1800s. A rumor surfaced during the civil war that Abner Doubleday started baseball. Alexander Cartwright was, however, the first one to document it. The answer to who invented baseball is one that will remain elusive for quite some time.

In 1903, a British sports writer by the name Henry Chadwick published an article that claimed baseball was derived from a British game known as Rounders. Albert Spalding, the then baseball executive, disagreed saying that baseball was an American sport that was born on American soil. After disagreeing on this fact, the two men formed a commission to settle the matter. Abraham Mills headed the committee. The committee labored for three years and finally concluded Abner Doubleday created the game. The late civil war hero never knew he invented the game as he was named the father of baseball fifteen years after his death.

Once the modern rules were set, the first team to play was the New York Knickerbockers. The team was founded in 1845 and remained strictly amateur until it was disbanded. In 1857, the New York area clubs formed the National Association of Baseball Players or NABBP in short which was the every first organization to not only govern baseball but also set up a championship. By the end of 1865, the NABBP had grown to consist of almost 100 clubs.

In the year 1885 saw the organization of the Cuban Giants which was the very first professional black baseball team. In 1920, Rube Foster, a former baseball player, founded the Negro National League. It was because professional black baseball teams played each other without the organization of an official league. During the civil war, soldiers from different parts of the United States of America played the game together. The result of this was a more unified and national version of the match. In 1869, the NABBP allowed the game to be played at a professional level. The Cincinnati Red Stockings from Ohio were the very first and most prominent baseball club.

Ice Hockey Tickets

This particular game may have originated in the United Kingdom, but Montreal Canada is where the game was developed. The very first organized indoor game was played in Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink. During this competition, each team had nine players. In 1877, the Montreal Gazette published a list of seven rules. Of these rules, six were based on the twelve rules of the already existing Hockey Association. The first ice hockey club, the Mc Gill University Hockey Club, was founded in the same year.

In 1880, the number of players per team was reduced to seven from nine. The very first world championships of ice hockey were held in 1883 at Montreal's annual winter carnival. The carnival cup was awarded to the winners who were the Mc Gill team. In the United States, the very first hockey league was formed in 1896. Malcolm Greene Chace, an American financier, is credited with being the father of hockey in America. In 1982, Chace, who was an amateur tennis player, met some Canadian hockey players at Niagara Falls. Soon after their meeting, Chace put together a team from Yale University, John Hopkins University, and Harvard University. This group toured Canada with Chace as their captain. In 1893, the first ice hockey matches were held at Yale University and John Hopkins University. Yale University, under the captainship of Chace, was triumphant beating John Hopkins University 2-1.

Well, there you have it. The history of sports in America proves that sports have been a large part of our heritage, and they will continue being long after we are gone. Some of these sports may die away, but new sporting events will always be born to replace them. America is a vast land and a mother to several sports, with sports tickets still being one of the top selling items in the leisure industry.

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